The Future of Smart Contracts Security Audit
Blockchain based, peer to peer platform, where your code is verified by many developers and you pay only when bugs are found
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Why Us?
Because of our use of blockchain you don’t need to trust us
Funds are handled by smart contracts. CodeScreening never touches any of your funds
Cheaper than centralized solutions
Price for audit smart contract starts at $2000 (common ICO smart contract). Using our platform you set the price yourself
Your smart contracts are simultaneously reviewed by many developers
Because our system is p2p, many developers around the world review your smart contract simultaneously. The more developers review your contract, the higher the chance that a bug is missed
You pay only for found bugs
Today, if you wanted your smart contract to be audited, you have to pay in advance. Even if the auditor doesn’t find any bugs, you won’t get your money back.
 With CodeScreening you only pay for results!
How It Works
Step 1
Contractor creates screenings, deposit balance and set price for found bugs for each category (critical, major, minor)
Step 2
Developers look for bugs in the smart contract
Step 3
Developer find a bug and create a claim
Step 4
Contractor accept the claim (if contractor reject the claim developer can open an arbitrage). Developer get ETH
Our Team
Alex Shevchenko
CTO (Founder)
Pavel Ivanov
Frontend Developer
Technical adviser